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North Africa 1942-43 Survivors' Story Trailer

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Gary Metz Army Air Corps Historian Author   9th Division Veteran Arno H. Heller

Red Phillips Historian 9th Division   Charles W. Johnson - 9th Division Veteran

 Anton Dietrich WWII Veteran   Henry L. Knauber WWII Veteran
 Albert Perna WWII Veteran   William Messick WWII Veteran  

 WWII Veteran Louis Prince   Simone Faflick North Africa 1942-43 Survivors' Stories

 Wolfgang Buschan - Afrika Korps Historian   Fort Lee Ordnance Museum Va.

 M3 Lee Aberdeen Proving Grounds   WWII 9th Division Veteran Anthony Andriola

*This independent documentary film effort is in no way intended to be a comprehensive account of the war in North Africa 1942-43. The completed film will feature rare interviews from veterans connected to the story. The search to locate veterans within this time frame was extremely difficult. Aside from a small crew for periodic re-creations, (and with no major funding), the bulk of production falls upon one individual. I encourage anyone who would like to contribute stories, (or help of any kind), to please contact me: northafricaww2survivors@gmail.com

*Photos, illustrations, art work, or interviews may not be reproduced, copied, stored, manipulated, or redistributed without the expressed permission of the author.

Michael Fraticelli - North Africa 1942-43 Survivors' Stories 2015
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 Michael Fraticelli